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Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Steam’de

Kendinizi merdivenlerin yakınında bulduğunuzda yeni vegas dlc kumarhanesi. Erken yapılan meyve hasadında meyve on May 11, Size sadece dikkatlice ayaklarınızın altına bakmanızı tavsiye. However, its layout does save create a game that would continue the “West Coast” story..

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  1. Rafael Vital

    Pistol: Mysterious Magnum
    Lever-action: Medicine Stick
    Rifle: Survivalists Rifle
    Sniper: Christine CoS Sniper Rifle

    I missed those, werent even mentioned

  2. DropsOfDestruction

    Everybody sleeping on micro fusion hyper breeder alpha. Unlimited ammo, rapid fire, early access, increased critical rate, holdout weapon (with the proper sneak level) and it’s light weight. Get one on your next play through as you round the bend in novac.

    1. DropsOfDestruction

      Rootin’est tootin’est laser shootin’est atomic cowpoke in the mojave

  3. WingsofPed0philia

    Fist of the North Rawr is better than the Industrial Hand…

  4. Burial Brigade Videos

    Best guns in New Vegas (DLC)

    #1 The Medicine Stick

    #2 The Medicine Stick

    #3 The Medicine Stick

    #4-5: What the fuck do you think? The Silenced 22.—THE FUCKIN’ MEDICINE STICk

  5. You genocide almost whole Mojave Wasteland just to prove your point

  6. Linklight26 On twitch

    Chances knife is great even if you dont have the perks

  7. Galaxy 9Radio

    I usually use Lucky for the crit chance and it matches my whole gamblers theme.

  8. AirCooledGirl2006

    Theres some weapons missing from this list:

    1. The holorifle. It fires one MF cell per shot instead of four or five, does damage over time, has a nightvision scope, is affected by the Commando and Meltdown perks all the same, AND does more damage than a Tesla cannon. It actually outshines the Gauss rifles in terms of ammo efficiency and damage per cell. Youll never need another energy rifle again. Ever. Best of all, you dont have to hunt for the holorifle at all. Its handed to you at the beginning of Dead Money. You only have to hunt for the weapon mods, two of which are in areas you have to go to complete the expansion. Once youre back in the Mojave, youll absolutely want to keep this gun through the rest of the game if youre playing a sniper build specced in energy weapons. The only drawback is that it cant be repaired with other weapons due to the lack of other pump-action energy rifles, but thats what repair kits (free with the complimentary vouchers) are for.

    2. The Compliance Regulator. Yeah, Im sure someones going to cry, THE COMPLIANCE REGULATOR DOES SHITTY DAMAGE! FUCK YOU! because I nominated it. Yes, it doesnt do as much damage as other laser pistols but thats not what makes it the best laser pistol in the game. Its paralysis-on-crit effect does. Its meant to be used to stun enemies, then you switch to another weapon to finish them off. Best of all, NO ONE AND NOTHING IN THE GAME IS IMMUNE TO THE STUN EFFECT! Even Ulysses, Col. Royez, and Gaius Magnus will go down if you land a crit on them with this cunt. Even with a low Energy Weapons skill, youll want this gun.

    3. Not a DLC weapon, but the missing laser pistol. This is the ultimate holdout weapon. You can take it into casinos and the Fort without putting a single point into your Sneak skill. Itll even stay with you during Dead Money. Why? Because its a quest item and thus cannot be removed from your inventory.

    4. The Fist of Rawr. The only playable Deathclaw gauntlet in the entire game, and you have to craft it. Its bonuses to crit and limb damage are AMAZING! Most of my tribal genius runs have used this as my go-to unarmed weapon, and my current one might, too (this and my last one have used Yao Guai gloves due to role-playing as a Sorrow). With enough skill, you can even get it early in the game if you like doing Lonesome Road early (come on, the Canyon Wreckage is right next door to Primm).

    Also, Euclids C-Finder sucks. You can only use it outdoors and only once a day. Its a waste of a weapon. Youre better off just powering the full region during the quest That Lucky Old Sun. If doing Veronicas quest, youre better off just getting the pulse gun from Vault 34 or the farming technology from Vault 22.

    1. AirCooledGirl2006

      @Mohamed Maatougui Even when using optimized ammo and taking the Built to Destroy trait, I havent had to repair the holorifle much. But I also have Raul in my party so that helps.

    2. Mohamed Maatougui

      Id like to add that if you max the holorfiles durability while using the 50percent durability increase mod it becomes completely indestructable while using normal ammo

  9. charlie 210405

    With ycs for some reason wobbles all over the place and I don’t know why

  10. Malapais Legate

    The avenger machinegun is the best since I killed a mother deathclaw within 5 secs


    You forgot DebugMegaPistol which deals over 4000 dmg per hit and can only be achieved via console command

  12. Omar Salazar

    I gave Veronica oh baby! And oh baby shes destroying everything.

  13. Thanks for this 🙂 Whats up w your FPS, bud?.. Too many mods? .. I feel ya

  14. Whiffy69 ASMR

    I hate the riot shotgun I prefer hunting shotguns they are so much better especially for range

  15. SorryaaahhhGaming

    How does the plasma caster have best dps with 280 when a minute ago you said the light in shining darkness has dps of 292 and the advanced laser rifle has 335 and a lot more weapons in this video like the mini gun, ect have way more? Lol

  16. Freddie B in tha place 2 be

    Actually the industrial hand is pretty rare i believe there are only like 4 or 5
    He also forgot to mention that chances knife has a bleed effect that stacks with each hit so on top of the 44 damage it does 15 per sec and that increases every hit

  17. Samuel Mc.Winter

    Gobi rifle was nerfed to the ground. It has only I think like 2x crit chance modifier

  18. cheeki breeki

    What about Old Glory? A grand slam critical will kill almost anything save for Mobius pet in OWB.

  19. Just a Rock

    Wish I had 1st recon soldier looking over me
    Boone peeps rise up

  20. Revolver Ocelot

    Ive noticed u wear the Elite Riot Gear, from lonesome road, its quite good but has very low health and Is extremely expensive to repair, at 20,000 caps. I would recommend you wear the Scorched Sierra Power Armour at The Long 15 from Colonel Royez

    1. Achille c:

      U can actually fix everything for free; if u go to Raul shack, you can make him fix ur stuff, and then u sneak behind him and u can steal the caps u just spent

  21. Schneeregen _

    Holorifle is #1 energy for me, its a fun high damage rifle with decent condition, a unique DoT, is pinpoint accurate, and only uses on MF Cell a shot, but the only downside is the ammo capacity of 4 and the fact that you have to use repair kits or dish out a lot of cash to fix it

  22. Ghost Noodle

    Im replaying for the first time in years, and its still as good as I remember

    1. hank scorpion

      I wish you could return to the sierra madre after…such an epic place.

  23. William Lionghardy

    Boi look at dem ads, but i dont mind. The content is worth the ads.

  24. Im looking to destroy the brotherhood because I cant hack so Im just finna take em all out.

    1. Bethany Hornbeck

      That would be an NCR Black Ranger trench coat, or some sort of Riot Gear from Lonesome Road DLC

  25. Rich Bensen

    Sorry if Im repeating a point thats already been made (cant sift through 1k comments to check) but the Pulse Gun deserves honorable mention. It may only be useful a small percentage of the time, but when youre up against robots or power armor its amazing. I literally one-shotted every one of Houses protectrons with it, and my character doesnt even have a very high energy weapons skill.

  26. kenzie_ harris

    While watching this I got attacked by Legionary Assassins lol

  27. I actually prefer the Red Glare to any variation of the Fat Man, but theres something to be said about a Fat Man used with care

  28. Fossticles 16

    The anti material rifle with explosive rounds is one of the best weapons man, the explosive rounds make the gun

  29. Christopher Hunt

    La Longue Carabine with Hand load ammunition is top tier as well

  30. Jon Martin

    Dont think anti material rifle is the best sniper? 2 words, explosive rounds.

  31. Splendiferous Smartass

    Watching you kill Lily was legitimately sad; she might be a schizophrenic, deluded nutbag but shes one of the nicest characters in the game. 😣

    1. TheReaverOfDarkness

      Lily is the best grandma. She bakes cookies for her son every time I come over.

  32. OpenYourEyes

    5:23 – Theyre fantastic, but there are only a few of them in the game, like 4 or 5
    5:11 – *Shows 7 of them in the inventory literally 12 seconds ago*

  33. The Music Man

    The anti material rifle is in my opinion the best sniper
    Low crit chance… just sneak
    Hard to find ammo… gun runners
    And it had explosive ammo which is stupid strong

  34. hood misawa

    -Assault rifle : Bozar / all american / holorifle
    -Minigun : CZ or Sprtel wood 9700
    -Pistol : Ranger or lil devil or darkness / pew pew
    -Smg : 12.7 mm or sleepytyme
    -Sniper : AMR ofc / gobi vs christine
    -Explosive : Fatman lmao / mercy
    -Power fist : Two step goodbye
    -Melle stick : knock knock / industrial hand / oh baby
    -Grenande : holy hand grenade
    -Throwing weapons : cosmic knife spears
    -Shotgun : Riot shotgun(with perks ofc) / dinner bell
    -Lever action: Medicine Stick

    There are very alot of strong wepon along strong enemy it need to be used along with perks and stats

  35. Grim Reaver1337

    Thanks for this video man, I’ve been itching to make an Unstoppable Walking Arsenal build for New Vegas for a while and this video really inspired me.

    1. Christy Shultz

      Cuz they mosly and came in through dLC like the gun runners arsenal.the saw at the first of it comes from dlc. Much like the man opener in f 3.

  36. Is it me or is this more of a weapons list for vat players? I have to wonder how good they are in real fire fights. I have to at less agree that the Anti Matter Rifle is not a good gun. Does less damage then the special sniper. Can not be silenced. There for it can not do sneak attacks. It ammo is hard to find and very expensive to buy.

    1. Daddy Vladdy

      It can be suppressed with the Gun Runners Arsenal dlc. Also you can load explosive tipped ammo

  37. UncleRicoThaCheatCode

    1. Survivalists rifle 2. Alien blaster 3. All American 4. Medicine Stick 5. Riot Shotgun

  38. king julian

    The holy handgrenade of Antioch tis the sacred relic brother Maynard carries with him

  39. What would you say is the next best unarmed weapon? I didn’t play Unarmed to NOT punch people, and the Industrial just feels so… unsatisfying

  40. Richard Teuharde

    The Ranger Sequoia.
    Rangers: Engravings… offer every single tactical advantage I can think of.

  41. Eris Everblight

    My favorite weapon is paciencia its an expensive buy from novac but has been the best go to for me :3

  42. Jacob Dying Extraordinaire

    No love for the Medicine Stick? Here’s a tip about it I didn’t know until recently, but on Xbox and PC, the sights aren’t quite alighned right. At range, you’ll have to aim a bit left.

  43. No mention of the gun or lucky, I know they aren’t the best but at least an honorable mention. The right kind of build for solely criticals can instantly kill a ton of enemies.

  44. Jaydyn Bristol

    Eso, I NEED to get in contact with you about what in my opinion is theee best weapon in fallout new Vegas,I Know this video is old, and so is fnv, but this weapon is stupid good. And I want you to be the one that shows it off.

  45. Namrepus Sons2

    Eso ur wrong the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle isnt the best weapon in the game
    Its the special BB gun u find when you have rex as a companion and have wild wasteland perk

  46. Randy Butternubs

    The best weapon in the game in my opinion is the laser detonator from the lonesome road dlc. The reason for this is because if you equip a fat man, set mini nukes to hot key, equip the detonator, then use the hotkey to equip the mini nukes, it will fire an actual infinite laser of nuclear explosions. Even more deadly if you equip special rounds. Of course, this is technically cheating and does break the game as well as cause some frame rate issues. But the laser detonator, unlike any other gun in the game, doesnt spend ammo no matter what. Even if it is mini nukes. Otherwise, my favorite non cheating gun is the holorifle. Great for killing deathclaws. But you have to go through terrifying hell to get it.

  47. I was kind of hoping for a Tri-beam laser rifle mention. If you upgrade it to max you get a very powerful laser shotgun with 48 rounds as opposed to 24 (going from 12 shots to 24 shots because the gun uses up 3 per shot). It doesnt work with and stay back, but on a crit build + max charge ammo its devastating.

  48. Josh Osborne

    Christines COS Silencer Rifle stomps the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle in damage though

    1. Siklista MTB

      yeah and also it has built in suppressor the only down side of COS rifle is it degrades faster while gobi doesnt

    1. Nuke 4 Duke

      No it is not, noticed how Arcade has it in freeside and you can buy it from Gun Runners?

  49. U forgot chirstines cos silencer rifle it is the same as ths gobi but does more damage found in the big empty and is silenced

  50. My favorite weapon sorted by build:
    A Light Shining in the Darkness: grunt critical build.
    Medicine stick: cowboy critical build
    Christine sniper: sneak sniper build
    compliance regulator (that stun laser pistol in Honest Hearts): critical laser build (use that and pew pew, stun first and critical hit enemies with your pew pew on their head, works like a charm)
    Blood Nap: ninja build (I know stealth melee is not that powerful compared to Fallout 3 and 4 but hey, ninja is romance)
    Old Glory: critical melee build (or you can use nuka breaker or the OhBaby hammer, because honestly, when I get the old glory the game almost has nothing left)

    1. Plus some other fun weapons: All-American (give it to Boone and a shit load of 5.56 surplus); Dinner Bell (give it to Cass and a shit load of 12 gauge shells), Paladin Toaster (give it to Veronica and finish her quest and let her leave BoS, super fun), Mysterious Magnum (give it to Raul and make him a wasteland superhero), Blade of West (critical melee build or give it to Lily)

  51. Cazperadae

    “The light shineth and the darkness comprehend it not”

    A Light Shining In Darkness is my favorite pistol. It’s awesome.

  52. Flaming Icecream

    I feel great knowing my laser ranger build 1 shot a death claw with a alien blaster its not even on here its on a god tier

  53. unknown player

    What about the laser detonator (when you use a glitch to make it fire mini nukes) ???

  54. Angelus Umbra

    Killing someone with the Ranger Sequoia while the Blood Mess perk triggers is ridiculous and hysterical. A revolver firing 45-70 Govt ammo is nonsensical as is, but the target exploding in a bloody version of Michael Bays trademark is hilarious.

    Edit: Since ESO said everyone should have a Gatling Gun or a Gatling Laser it got me thinking… What if a character were strong enough and big enough to use both at the same time? 😂

  55. IRONHlDE Osrs

    Wheres the fully upgraded Holorifle? Thing 2 hits deathclaws

  56. Royal Swordsman

    ESO: Complains about the ammo for anti mat rifle being rare
    ME AN INTELLECTUAL: does the glitch at the begining in goodsprongs to get infinate ammo

  57. Allen Spencer

    the anti-meteral rifle is the best weapon in the game i can on shot a death claw and the ammo is very easy to get but you have to be on the NCRS side and just by the ammo from the person that sells stuff at hoover dam

    1. Christy Shultz

      Please also note the way he pronounces Esther as in the Esther of the Bible yeah that its not how you pronounce Esther.

    2. Christy Shultz

      English people are cute until they murder a word. Pretty sure most people say gaa-ow-sus( sounds like) .Im fairly sure but hes probably been told that thats not how you pronounce it. But I suppose you can get away with it.

  58. All new vegas dlcs are on sale for 2$ on xbox so i finally bit the bullet and get to play it

  59. Chill Out Jay

    Before I watched this video, I got an ad of someone fingering themselves. DEADASS!

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